06 FEB 19


Pucker up your pelvic floor this Valentine’s day


Pelvic Health Physiotherapists across the country are reminding women and men of the important role pelvic floor muscles have for sexual pleasure. The POGP (Pelvic Obstetric Gynaecological Physiotherapy) are running the #puckerup campaign during February to signpost physiotherapy treatment to men and women who have difficulty with physical intimacy.


Difficulties with sex can be a tricky subject to broach with health professionals but the truth is that MANY people suffer and for variety of reasons.


Specialist pelvic health physiotherapy can address problems with the pelvic floor which may be causing symptoms such as;

Painful intercourse

Urinary leakage

Orgasm problems

Vaginal tightness

Erectile dysfunction


Learning how to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles effectively can improve blood supply and nerve activity, and even increase the intensity of orgasms. Just as important though is learning how to relax the muscles of the pelvic floor in order to improve comfort and enjoyment.


You can download a free pelvic floor exercise booklet from the POGP website http://pogp.csp.org.uk/publications


If you feel you would benefit from seeing a specialist physiotherapist, you can book an appointment directly with me at http://www.plusphysio.co.uk/appointments


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