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Winter runs don't have to be confined to the treadmill, but the shorter days can make keeping on track of your training much harder. Here's a few tips to help keep you running outside.


1. Give your runs an additional purpose
- try running to work/to a friends
- run with colleagues at lunchtime, arrange to meet with friends for a social run
- catch up on a podcast


2. Try and run in the morning so that you don't get derailed by the busy Christmas period or an unexpected event - you can feel smug for the rest of the day! If you do save your run until after work, don't make the mistake of sitting down for a cup of tea first - it will be so much harder to pull yourself away from the sofa (I speak from experience!).


3. Be seen! Clothing with reflective strips or even better flashing lights that can be attached to wrists and ankles. You will probably want to use a head torch for any off road running during low light. 


4. The right clothing. A base layer with good moisture wicking properties, a loose fitting mid layer and a wind/waterproof outer layer may be needed too. Running hat and gloves if it's really frosty. 


5. Warm up. Take the first 10 minutes easy followed by some dynamic mobility drills to help improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury.

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