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Whether it’s back pain, a sports injury or joint pain, most of us will experience an episode of pain or limited movement at some point  in our lives.

We know how frustrating it can be to have life disrupted by pain.  We can help you understand what’s happened, relieve your immediate discomfort and work with you through an individual rehab program to optimise a speedy recovery and keep you symptom free. 

“After a recent half marathon I injured my calf and was struggling to walk. Julie was able to see me quickly and sorted out the problem.”

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Expert help is available for

✓ Back pain ✓ Neck pain ✓ Shoulder pain ✓ Tennis and golfer’s elbow ✓ Wrist pain  ✓ Hip and groin pain ✓ Knee pain ✓ ACL injury both no-operative and post surgery rehab ✓ Ankle pain ✓ Achilles and heel pain ✓ Rehab following fracture or joint replacement  ✓ Gait problems ✓ Muscle strain ✓ Sports injuries

Musculoskeletal assessment includes

✓ 60 minute detailed physical assessment  ✓ Discussion of your symptom history and goals ✓ Postural and movement assessment  ✓ Assessment of your posture, range of movement, gait, and strength ✓ Initial home exercise plan

Treatment may include

Soft tissue manual therapy Joint mobilisation  Scar management Taping/support EMG  Rehabilitation exercises    Follow up appointments maybe required.  This may involve weekly appointments initially reducing to support at 4-6 week intervals until you are happy with your progress.

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