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Male Pelvic Health

Support for men with pelvic floor dysfunction
can be difficult to find.

We are pleased to be able to offer men help
with the below pelvic floor dysfunction.

“As a man I found my symptoms embarrassing and difficult to talk about but Julie was always professional and knowledgeable."

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Help is available for

✓ Pelvic pain - pudendal neuralgia ✓ Complex athletic hip/pelvis/low back/groin pain ✓ Pre and post prostatectomy rehab ✓ Constipation ✓ Sexual dysfunction ✓ Coccyx pain

Men’s Health consultation includes

✓ 60 minute detailed assessment  ✓ Discussion of your symptom history and goals ✓ Postural and movement assessment  ✓ Pelvic examination with rectal examination or use of real time ultrasound - to be discussed at the appointment

Treatment may include

Manual therapy for pelvic floor muscles  Manual therapy techniques for musculoskeletal pain Joint mobilisations Personalised rehab program Toileting techniques and  position advice Breathing techniques  EMG Biofeedback Real time ultrasound biofeedback Prostatectomy rehabilitation

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