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Menopause MOT

With many more women today completing their families in their later 30’s and early 40’s, the fluctuation in hormone function around this time can make it a challenging time both physically and mentally.

Symptoms of perimenopause can extend over a number of years until finally the day arrives when it has been a year since your last period and officially you become post menopausal.  Although many symptoms attributed to the reduction in oestrogen in our bodies may reduce, the effects on a women’s body of reduced oestrogen remains. 

When women begin to experience early perimenopausal symptoms, it is the ideal time to arrange a ‘Menopause MOT’.  A menopause physiotherapy assessment is an opportunity to learn more about the physical changes which your body maybe experiencing, as well as taking a proactive approach to looking after yourself well in this life stage. 

“Warm and encouraging, Julie explained everything very well, and helped me to feel what was going, and what I could do to help myself.”

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Help is available for

Help is available for; ✓ Urinary symptoms such as stress urinary incontinence, urgency or frequent UTIs. ✓ Bowel symptoms such as constipation or incomplete emptying  ✓ Pelvic organ prolapse  ✓ Pain or discomfort with intimacy ✓ Joint pains ✓ Postural changes ✓ Exercise advice and strategies specific to your body

Menopause MOT includes

✓ 60 minute in depth appointment  ✓ Discussion of symptoms, concerns and goals ✓ A review of your current bladder/bowel habits ✓ A screen of your posture and functional movement  ✓ An internal examination of your pelvic floor muscles and screen for pelvic organ prolapse.  ✓ A test of your functional strength, mobility and balance

Post Assessment Plan

Following the assessment a summary of the key findings will be provided with suggestions on how to further improve your physical and pelvic health. The aim is for you to feel knowledgeable about your body and empowered to optimise your health in the phase of your life.

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