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It’s no exaggeration that pregnancy brings some significant changes to our body and with it, a wide range of related aches and pain.

Support and reassurance from a specialist pelvic health physiotherapist for women experiencing new symptoms  or managing pre-existing pelvic health or musculoskeletal problems can be invaluable. With no need to wait, appointments can be arranged swiftly to provide relief, reassurance and help you feel prepared for the rest of your pregnancy and birth.

“Julie is an expert practitioner, who also shows concern and kindness in her approach”

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Help is available for

✓ Low and mid back pain ✓ Pelvic girdle pain ✓ Rib pain ✓ Bladder and bowel incontinence ✓ Pelvic organ prolapse ✓ Coccyx pain ✓ Constipation ✓ Exercise in pregnancy advice ✓ Managing a pre-existing health concern with pregnancy  ✓ Abdominal wall dysfunction - previous scars or rectus diastisis

Pregnancy consultation includes

✓ 60 minute pregnancy assessment ✓ Discussion of your pregnancy and general health history ✓ Your goals discussed ✓ Assessment of your movement and posture ✓ Pelvic examination (external assessment and in some cases internal) ✓ Home exercise program with support

Treatment may include

Coaching on pelvic floor exercise technique Bladder retraining  Bowel management techniques and advice  EMG biofeedback Manual therapy for pelvic floor muscles  Manual therapy techniques for musculoskeletal pain Joint mobilisations Rehab exercises Breathing techniques  Education on birth preparation  Support and advice regarding exercise in pregnancy    If follow up appointments are required this will be discussed with you at your first appointment.  Depending on your circumstances, this may involve weekly appointments initially, reducing to 1-2 times monthly.

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